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O1 Startups brings you the experience of the market that you will see the whole picture of hashtagecommerce with its elemental components. We will discover the dimensions of each important subjects such as hashtagproduct and hashtagsupplychain, hashtagwebsite, hashtagpayment solutions, and hashtagmarketplaces. We will have a conclusion on what are the values delivered and the challenges await. We will cover: • Introduction to E-Commerce (History of Turkish E-commerce, Growth of E-commerce) • Product (Drop-shipping, Marketplace, Inngotech, modamolo) • Web Platform (Own Product’s Website, Marketplaces, T-Soft, Web Platform Modules) • Payment (Payment Gateways, Integrations, iyzico) • Shipment (Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Providers in Turkey) • Marketing (Digital Marketing, Marketing Tools) • Values & Challenges (Stocks, Legal Issues) We have: Abdelfatah Hassan, Managing Director | Inngotech, Co-founder | Modamolo Orhan Atlas, E-commerce Specialist | T-Soft E-Ticaret Çözümleri Esra Karaaslan, Corporate Sales Manager | T-Soft E-Ticaret Çözümleri Pamir Yanık, StartUp Relations and Marketing Specialist | iyzico TIME: 21 February, Thursday 18:00 - 21:00 **The event will be in hashtagEnglish Attendance to the priority of reservation by filling out this form: https://lnkd.in/gj76RdU

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