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O1 Startups is ready for intensive hashtagtraining which will draw your hashtagroadmap to hashtaginvestors with optimizing yourself for hashtaginvestor hashtagpitching. Investor Pitching is the tip of the iceberg because it is the cumulation of all efforts and works made before. It is a subject to observe in a deductive method which is starting from Investor Pitching and going deeper on each part of the business. The course aims hashtagentrepreneurs and hashtagstartups who seek hashtaginvestment and want to know how to grab investors’ attention for their business. Steps to take: 1. Do I need an investor, When and Why? 2. Investors’ Mindset in Turkey 3. Types of investors and What they are looking for 4. What should I have before looking for an investor? 5. What should I prepare before meeting the investor? 6. Introduction of Pitch Deck 7. Pitch Deck Capabilities According to Startup Stage 8. DOs and DON’Ts 9. Examples & Common Mistakes 10. Going through the investors: List of Investors 11. What if I could not get funding? Instructor: Muhammad AlabedCo-Founder & Business Consultant | Payfull Ödeme Çözümleri For reservation & further information about the program, please fill out this form: https://lnkd.in/gRpw3ne

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